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    Christina V wrote:

    Love this theme. Very creative

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    April B wrote:

    where did you get the party supplies? I'm in desperate need, please help! :-)

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    April B wrote:

    I'd love some suggestion on where/how I can do a similar party... I can't find any Ninjago party supplies anywhere??!!

  • Zubia K

    Zubia K wrote:

    Hi , I also could not find anything on Ninjago. So I ended up combining , Lego and ninjago . I printed out eyes , and put them on drinks ,coordinating balloons , bags and everything else . Put up red and black lanterns . Along with lots of Legos it worked :).

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    Wendi S wrote:

    Wow! Great Idea

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    Paula M wrote:

    How did you do this? Did you find a pattern or just very talented?