Party Recap

My son has been clamoring for a Ninjago party for months now and was so excited about every little detail! I organized this party in sections through activities, food, decorations and favors. We knew we wanted to do something related to the 5 different ninjas of Ninjago so we started with their “elements” and brainstormed from there. I loved the idea of creating a Ninjago training course, so using the inspiration of each element, we came up with different activities to “unlock the golden weapons” and become Ninjago Spinjitzu masters! The food, table settings and decor were all asian inspired to pull the Ninjago theme together. We sent the kids off with custom Ninjago T-shirts and fidget spinners!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    We stuck with an asian themed menu including lo main noodles, rice, sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls and sushi. We added Pizza "egg rolls", PB & J sushi and a veggie "Serpentine" for the less adventurous eaters. Ninjago babybel cheeses and wasabi peas to snack on.

  • What People Drank

    Ninjago covered juice boxes

  • Desserts

    In addition to birthday cake we had dessert sushi made with rice krispie treats, sliced swiss roll "sushi", gummy serpentine, and Pocky chocolate sticks.

  • Party Favors

    I made custom Ninjago t-shirts for each guest. The five older boys each had a different color to represent each of the Ninjas, plus a few extras for the little ones. I also made Ninjago fidget spinners for each kid which was a big hit. They also took home a Ninjago lollipop, chopsticks, and chopstick helpers.

  • Activities / Games

    We created activities to go with each Ninjago element with the idea that they were enrolled in Ninjago Spinjitzu Training and each challenge unlocked a golden weapon in order to defeat Lord Garmadon! Activites included Sensei Wu Says, an Earth Obstacle Course, Lightning Strike toss, The Floor is Lave Fire challenge, Ice Silly String Serpentine shooting, wooden board breaking and finished off by defeating Lord Garmadon - the piñata.



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    Beth T wrote:

    Such a great party!! Are your printables available somewhere?

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    Tanya M wrote:

    Where did you get the boards for breaking?

  • notsoperfectparties

    notsoperfectparties wrote:

    Hi Tanya! I believe they were from Hobby Lobby, with the craft wood. I just bought the thinnest sheets they had, they were slightly thicker than card stock so they did the trick!

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    Demirie A wrote:

    are your cute printables available?

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    Lindsey W wrote:

    Are your signs for the obstacle course available to print??