Party Recap

I really do not know where to start for this baptism! I loved this project that much, that I feel the love results. The results of WonderLand Event and its partners was totally successful and special.
Starting from our loved Barbie, we decided to focus just on her figure. The pink bow was the trademark in every single detail. Crystals, crystal chandelier, her dog in gold, polka dots in black and white and original black ostrich feathers were the main items for a totally girly result.
Entering the En Plo room, the atmosphere was like a mini Barbie reception. Starting from the kid size Barbie box with the baby's name on, to the modern colors of black and white in stripes, to the crystals and the candies. A gorgeous dream thematic corner was set in the entrance, welcoming the visitors. It also acted as a photo booth for the family photoshoot.
But of course the cookies and the cupcakes had to be in the same style! Bibs, feeding bottles, soothers, carriages all according to the latest fashion trends. And the main sugar art design item was the bow and the baby initial!
WonderLand Event in coordination with Vivian, the inventive Vinte Li Designer, gave the idea to have the bow and in the dresses of mum and girl. Actually they finally wore the same dress!!! Dad just followed with a pink bow tie. Of course Vinte Li was the creator of the idea!!!
A very windy day. In any way everything was as planned.
​Enjoy the details from the church decoration.


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