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Paper Dot Party Spot By Paper Dot Party Spot

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This pink and gold glitter garland is a great addition to a Barbie party. The gold glitter shimmers and the different shades of pink match the Barbie colors so well.

Hang these streamer garlands any which way across the room. Short strands look really festive dangling vertically from the ceiling. Longer strands can be draped from corners of the room to the center. Or use 4- or 6-foot strands hanging against a wall vertically behind a food table as a backdrop or photo booth. They also look pretty draped around or across the front of food or gift tables.

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- strands are made from 65lb pink card stock in different shades of pink and double-sided gold glitter card stock.

- The sizes of the circles are 2-inch and 1-inch. I use the style of three 1-inch followed by one 2-inch followed by three 1-inch, etc.

- 2-foot strands are sold in sets of 10 since they look best with many hanging vertically from the ceiling. Change the quantity to 2 (for 20) or 3 (for 30).

- 4-foot strands and 6-foot strands are also common lengths, so I have packaged them together in sets of 6 for your convenience.

- 6-foot through 15-foot strands can also be purchased as single strands. All strands can be cut apart to make different lengths. So if you don't know exactly how you want to hang them yet, 15-foot strands are good because they give you a lot of length to work with and cut apart.