Party Recap

I designed this collection for my daughters 6th Birthday. I started by drawing Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in pencil. All my designs are created from scratch - no clip art :) I love drawing then creating the collection in photoshop and illustrator.

The editable PDF printable collection is available from my online shop


The party was so much fun the girls looked so cute running around in the red capes I made them.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    All the Little Red Riding Hoods!

  • Activities / Games

    "What's the time? Mr Wolf"


Party Helpers



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  • Marabous B

    Marabous B wrote:

    Gorgeous party! Love the attention to detail.

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    Emelling M wrote:

    Love it! I'm trying to put together the same themed for my daughter b-day.

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    WOW!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

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    LOVE IT!

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    This is phenomenal!!!!

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    Thank you all so much!!! Rachelx

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