Party Recap

Barb and Drew celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in the funnest coolest style ! 1950s Rock n Roll theme !!
This was a special milestone and was attended by near and dear ones . The grandkids especially ,were so excited to be a part of this amazing celebration .
Barb wanted this event to reflect her cool , casual and laidback style . I decided to do a funky head-table by arranging 4 feet high , light up numbers ( 50 ) at the front . The backdrop consisted of a custom sock hop diner sign that I designed . I put up real records that I found at the thrift store and arranged them at various heights all across the backdrop . As you can see it ended up looking amazing !
I used 7 feet high milkshake cut outs on both sides of the mini stage ,and added pink uplights at the bottom to give it some sass !!
Barb really wanted a retro ballon arch so I put together a round ballon arch , resembling the shape of a jukebox with over 300 ballons in the classic 50s color palette . I also hung music notes to give it more character .
The favors for this party were my favourite !! I had custom hand made boxes in shapes of milk shakes , diners and jukeboxes and filled them with Lindt chocolate truffles. I laid them out on a table backed with a shake shop panel which ended up becoming the Cutest and most unusual feature at the party . Guests were delighted as they walked in and received their favors before they left .
I also staged a candy cart and completely transformed it to a rock n roll theme by adding more real life records, and plastic cut out music notes . The notes were actually one of my favourite props to use . I found them at a local party store .
I wanted to do something unique for centrepieces and mix it up a little bit, so I chose mini guitars , milkshakes ,and cardboard jukeboxes for that .
I managed to find these huge inflatable jukeboxes that I blew up and placed on either sides of the stage where the band was going to perform . I had purchased an electric air pump for these which ended up not working onsite , so I had to hand pump air in these enormous floats which took me a good 2 hours to do !!!!!!! Phew !!!! It was all worth it in the end :)
I added clusters of helium ballons on either sides to complete the juke box look .
My most favourite feature was the milkshake shop . I found a local vendor that was able to come in and serve mini milkshakes and floats as welcome drinks for this 50s party ! This was such a unique idea and a total hit with all the guests !!! The shake shop was set up inside an enormous 10 feet high tent with decals and graphics from the 50s
Barb and Drew were delighted with the arrangements and said it was the best anniversary party anyone could have !! 50 years and still going strong !! Happy anniversary to the cutest 50s couple


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Formal sit down italian dinner entrees

  • What People Drank

    Wine / Prosecco / Bacardi / vodka

  • Desserts

    Custom Cake / assorted desserts / 50s style Mini milkshakes and floats in assorted flavours and toppings

  • Party Favors

    Diner ,juke box and milk shake theme favor boxes filled with 20 Lindt chocolates

  • Activities / Games

    Live band performing 50s songs and dancing . Speeches by the parents kids and grandchildren . Slideshow


Party Helpers

  • Illene

    She helped put up the backdrop and drapes for me

  • Mini milkshake shop

    Local vendor

    Vendor that provided delicious milkshakes and sodas for the guests

  • Ahsley

    Candy cart vendor

    Ashley was so great ! She got in the cutest candy cart and set it up piece by piece . Her husband helped me hang large malt props and records on it as well .


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