Party Recap

I custom made the plates, cupcake tower including the cupcake toppers, the mob of creeper cake pops, all the paper crafts, and hanging endermen. I purchased the banner from Etsy, and the tissue paper grass on the table from Amazon.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cupcakes, Cake, Cake Pops

  • Party Favors

    Party Poppers, Paper Crafts

  • Activities / Games

    Amusement Park rides, games, laser tag, 4D shows, arcade, etc.

  • Budget


  • What People Ate

    Pizza, Cupcakes, Cake pops, Cake, Ice Cream

  • What People Drank

    Water, Soda

  • Best Moment

    Poppers popped by the guests onto the birthday boy after singing, "Happy Birthday"!

  • Funniest Moment

    Sponge Bob 4D ride / show

  • Most Touching Moment

    Singing, "Happy Birthday"

  • Best Dressed

    Armand with his Minecraft "Like a Boss" shirt and his paper craft diamond necklace.


Party Helpers



  • Angela I

    Angela I wrote:

    Hi would like to make this similar cake for my son. How did you do the sword? Any help will be great :)

  • Lisa W

    Lisa W wrote:

    I searched images online for an enchanted diamond sword with excellent resolution. Then printed it out, took it to my local grocery store bakery and had them print it out onto an edible icing sheet. Then, I care fully cut it out at home. I rolled out gumpaste 1/8" thick and after peeling off the backing from the icing sheet sword, I used a brush to tack the backside with water so it will adhere to the gumpaste. Using an exacto knife, I trimmed the gumpaste off the sword and let it dry for a few hours. Tip: Don't place in the cake until an hour before the celebration. Use a knife to cut a slot into the cake where the diamond sword will be gently pushed in. It is very easy to break, and the buttercream inside the cake will soften it if it's in the cake more than an hour.

  • Angela I

    Angela I wrote:

    Thank you so much for your feed back!! You did a great job! Hope mine turns as good as yours :)

  • no photo

    Berenice G wrote:

    Can i have the recipe for the cake please

  • no photo

    Dana wrote:

    I would love to get the recipe for this cake! My son saw this online and this is exactly what he wants - I'm not a great baker...yikes! Thanks in advance!

  • no photo

    Aimee B wrote:

    Can you share what you used to make the cake tower?

  • Lisa W

    Lisa W wrote:

    The recipe for the cake is a double layer chocolate cake I baked in a square pan. I iced the sides with chocolate icing then took Hershey bars and used my cheese grater to shed it. I pressed the chocolate on the sides. Then the top is green fondant with green icing border using the Ateco grass tip. I found a minecraft font online, downloaded it to my laptop and printed out my son's name, then made it into a pattern for gutting out the gumpaste letters. Roll the gumpaste thin then use an exacto knife to cut out the letters and make "cracks" in the letters before brushing on silver petal dust.

  • Lisa W

    Lisa W wrote:

    The cake tower is the cupcake tree petite square (iboughtmineonamazon). I painted it green and added black ribbon for the border.

  • Claire P

    Claire P wrote:

    I love the cake/cupcake stand. How did you make it and about how many cupcakes does it hold? Thank you.