10 Fine Art TEXTURES - LANDSCAPE Background Set 1 / Photography Texture, High Res, Digital Scrapbooking, Photoshop Overlays, Photo Backdrop

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Fine Art Textures For Photography, Scrapbooking, Digital and Creative Art.

Fine Art texture Landscape Backgrounds!

Each file is 300dpi and 4500x6000 in size.
These are in Jpeg format and high resolution.
They average between 6MB to 9MB each texture.
This means you can print in a large size and not lose any of the overall image quality. ( This is something important to consider when buying Textures! )

These are a digital product.


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There are 5 Zip files you will need to download, after you purchase the textures. ( Etsy does not allow us to upload more than 20MB per file, so until they change it, we will have to make do! )

Because the files are a digital product, there are no returns on purchases when the product has been downloaded already.


All my Textures are available for personal use.

+ You can incorporate the textures for sale in your photography as a textured overlay, in a flattened state, without a commercial licence. You will need to add a link to ATP Textures with your listing when selling your work on the internet, eg. Etsy. If you are a professional Photographer supplying a finished, printed photograph to clients, you DO NOT have to credit ATP Textures.

+ To use these commercially you will need to buy a STANDARD or EXTENDED commercial licence. Please feel free to contact me to discuss.

+ You cannot create Digital Papers, Cards, Invitations, Overlays, Prints, Backgrounds, Backdrops or Marketing material which you will re-sell to the public with my textures without a commercial licence.

+ You cannot create new Textures out of my original files, for sale, with or without a Commercial Licence, on Etsy or any other selling platform. This means you cannot ever re sell my Textures as original or altered individual files at all.

Thank you so very much for visiting my store, have a great day!

***Just a little side note.***

Overlays and Textures are NOT photoshop actions. They can create amazing effects to your images, but you need to overlay them onto your image. These are JPEG files, NOT ATN files.

The files are Zipped. You will need to unzip them to get to the Jpeg files.

Any trouble downloading your file? PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me and we can sort it out!

These textures are licensed for one business/photographer/studio only and must not be copied, shared, re packaged for sale or transmitted in any other form, physical or digital, without prior consent from all things precious photography.