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Png Digital Photo Overlays For Photographers, Photoshop, Digital art and Creatives.

High resolution Gold Star and Circle Clipart.

All Overlays are created in high, 300dpi resolution. These are PNG Transparent files. Perfect for printing!

These are a Digital Product.

Included in this set.

26 Ring and Star png clipart overlays.
1 bonus added!

To use these overlays simply place your selected one(s) over your main background layer and transform to suit your image.
These are a PNG transparent overlay.

These work best on an image that has a darker background. They can be lost on a light background.

🌸 A VIDEO has been included in this listing for those of you who are not sure how to access files via PDF downloads.

These are all high resolution. Between 5Mb - 18Mb. This means you can print them without losing any of your images quality.


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You will need a program that works with layers, like photoshop or elements.

Knowledge of layers and the correct program is a must. Eg. Photoshop or Elements.

These files are a digital download. There are no returns on purchases.

There is 1 pdf file you will need to download, after you purchase the bundle. This will link you to your files.

All you need to do is open the PDF with a double click.
Adobe will open it into reader.
Follow the instructions.



SEND ME A CONVO if you want the files for your MOBILE DEVICE. I can send you a direct link via Messages or Email. ( eg. Using Photoshop Mix App. )
Otherwise, You will need to download these files to your desktop computer.


All my Digital Overlays are available for personal use.

+ You can incorporate the Overlays in your photography as an overlay, in a flattened state, ( eg. Jpeg file ) without a commercial licence. You will need to add a link to ATP Textures with your listing when selling or advertising your work on the internet, eg. Etsy, Facebook or Instagram. If you are a professional Photographer supplying a finished, printed photograph to clients, you DO NOT have to credit ATP Textures.

+ To use these commercially, eg. printing them or adding them to a pre made background for sale you will need to buy a STANDARD or EXTENDED commercial licence.

+ These Overlays are licensed for one business/photographer/studio only and must not be copied, shared, re sold or transmitted in any other form, physical or digital.

***Just a little side note ***

Overlays and Textures are NOT photoshop actions. They can create amazing effects to your images, but you need to overlay them onto your image. These are PNG files, NOT ATN files!

These files are a digital download. There are no returns on purchases.

Thank you so very much for visiting my store, have a great day!