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22 Teen Indoor Treasure/Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Teen Scavenger Hunt - Treasure Hunt Clues: Cut out the clues and place them around the house. Watch as your Teen works them out and solves the riddle, some may be a little tricky but worth the effort. These can be a little difficult but perfect for teens and adults.

Download and print off these 22 Teen Indoor Treasure Hunt cards. Plus 2 blank cards to make up your own riddles

Indoor Scavenger Hunt / Treasure Hunt Clues find/solve the riddles

Teens will love these to use for Birthday, Easter, Family get togethers, friends over, if they are still big kids at heart or having a party and want to have a little fun

What about a birthday scavenger hunt and leave a trail of presents around the house, so many ideas you can use these riddles for. Get creative and make a few clues yourself.

We have supplied the answers above each card, so you can easily place the gifts or surprises around the house.

What a great idea for teens to have a little fun.

The 22 clues come as a pdf, then you can print them off. You could also laminate them and use them over and over.

They come in A4 size and also US letter size 8.5" x 11" pdf's

⭐ These riddles are different from our other very popular Teen Riddles so why not buy both and you will have a total of 35 tricky riddles for your teens to solve.

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