Open When Envelopes: 12 printed envelopes for love letters, best friend, custom envelopes to decorate, hand lettering, open when letters

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Open when letters are all the rage, a simple keepsake that fills the heart of the recipient and the giver!

Don't let a blank canvas scare you away! Our pre-printed envelopes give you a starting place and the sky's the limit! Check out our Instagram feed & blog, The Polkadot Spot, for lots of ideas on how to letter and decorate your envelopes and letters.

Are you ready to get started? Here's a look at the details included with this set:

T H I S _ L I S T I N G:
12 assorted pre-printed A7 envelopes with the phrase "Open this When"
Six colors (aqua, teal, pink, yellow, orange, & green) - 2 of each
Envelopes are 5.25x7.25" in size.

Idea card filled with letter writing topics!

Props and hand-written letters not included. Hand-lettered samples give you an idea of how to make your letters extra special. This set does NOT include stationery, only 12 printed envelopes.

S P E C I F I C S:
OPEN WHEN: Open when letters are a great way to connect with someone special. Write a series of letters to gift all at once, a different topic on each, that they can open whenever the letter topic applies. Send letters to a student off to college, your future self, or your best friend. "When it's your birthday," "when you need a hug," "when you need a new weeknight dinner recipe." The possibilities are endless with open when letters!

ENVELOPES: Pre-printed envelopes give you a starting place to make your letters your own. The prompt "Open this When..." adorns 12 assorted envelopes in six colors. Plus, you'll receive a handy guide filled with writing prompts to help get you started.

QUALITY: We want you to be proud of the gift you give, which is why we use quality envelopes in our kits. We proudly design, print, and assemble our kits in the USA.

MORE: Looking for a full kit with stationery? Check out our Open When Section of the shop!

Looking for letter-writing inspiration? Check out our blog!
•• to my future self:
•• for someone grieving:
•• hand-lettering tips:

S H I P P I N G:
Kits are ready to ship via USPS First Class Mail.

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