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    Bet G wrote:

    How do I go about getting this template?

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    Jennifer B wrote:

    Could you email me this template, too? [email protected] Beautiful party! Many thanks!

  • Mariana G

    Mariana G wrote:

    !Hola! Te quedo preciosa la decoración de paw patrol, voy a festejar a mis niño y niña con ese tema, les encantan tus fotos. Vivo en Guanajuato. ¿ Como puedo obtener tus platillas? Muchas gracias, mi correo [email protected]

  • Doreen V

    Doreen V wrote:

    Hello what an awesome job you did on Paw Patrol!! Are you willing to share the template for doggy bag tags, puppy chow labels. What is inside the puppyy chow bags?

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    Anita D wrote:

    Can you please email me template for the Puppy Chow? [email protected] Thank you! :)

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    Annie M wrote:

    Hello- I would love to get the puppy chow template as well!! My email address is [email protected] Thanks so much!

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    Lanari G wrote:

    Hi, my sons birthday is in a couple weeks. I would love the temple you used. Can you please send me the puppy chow template. [email protected] Thank you so much.

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    Alana U wrote:

    Hi! I would also love the template for this, could you email this to [email protected] ? You did such a great job!!

  • Crissie W

    Crissie W wrote:

    Can I please have the templates for this party if possible?? [email protected]

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    Hillary C wrote:

    So cute!! If you don't mind I would love to use the puppy chow template too! [email protected]

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    Jane D wrote:

    Too cute! May I have the puppy chow and doggie bag templates? Email [email protected] Thank you!

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    Sherise D wrote:

    You did a wonderful party. Can i have the template for puppy chow...my email address is [email protected] thanks again. Great job!!

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    Nereida G wrote:

    Hi there! LOVEEE how eveything came out. How can I go about getting the templates you used? If it's not too much trouble can you please email me the info to [email protected] Thank you!

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    Michelle C wrote:

    Hello, I love the puppy chow bags! Any chance you could email me the template you used??? Thank you so much!!! [email protected]