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    Veronica R wrote:

    did you make the minnie mouse plates and if so, how? Good idea

  • Erica F

    Erica F wrote:

    Hi Veronica! I made the bows from Scrapbook paper from Michaels. The plates are actually just one regular sized paper dinner plate and 2 cake plates for the ears! You can buy the value set at Party City for super cheap! :o)

  • Isabel G

    Isabel G wrote:

    really cute plates!

  • Esly M

    Esly M wrote:

    I love the idea and the center piece is really cute! I love everything!

  • Karmen P

    Karmen P wrote:

    How did you make the ribbon decor, that are shaped like minnie?

  • Erica F

    Erica F wrote:

    Hey Karmen! Here's a tutorial on how to make a ribbon topiary. I used 3 styrofoam balls and attached them together. :o) http://blog.catchmyparty.com/2011/04/11/diy-tutorial-from-a-catch-my-party-member-how-to-make-a-ribbon-topiary-2/

  • Ursula D

    Ursula D wrote:

    Beautiful Topiary..

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    Angelica W wrote:

    hi, I was wondering where you got the bow for the plates

  • Cece B

    Cece B wrote:

    Were doing my daughters 2nd bday in Minnie. You have some beautiful stuff! So creative :) I hope her party turns out half as good as yours did.

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    Carol S wrote:

    I love your tablescape. I am planning my granddaughter's 2nd birthday and we are going with a Minnie theme. I would love to make the black, 3 plate, plates, but I am not sure how to go about finding the bows for the plates. Any idea if there is a download for the pink and white bow?

  • Connie T

    Connie T wrote:

    you can get the pdf file for the bows on etsy, or buy them cut out there too. OR you can use the cricut machine to make your own