• Isabel G

    Isabel G wrote:

    awesome rice-krispie treats! did you make these?

  • Erica F

    Erica F wrote:

    Yes I did! :o)

  • no photo

    Cari D wrote:

    where did you get the disney font?

  • Erica F

    Erica F wrote:

    I just did a google search for Disney font and then dowloaded it. :o)

  • Sabina G

    Sabina G wrote:

    Hi,would you possibly be able to tell me how you made these? like how you got the shape x

  • no photo

    April F wrote:

    These Rice Krispie look so cute! How did you get them shaped like thay?

  • no photo

    Kathleen A wrote:

    Did you cut the rice krispie treats when they were hot or cold?

  • no photo

    Anne Marie M wrote:

    Can you pls give me the recipy for making these homemade rice krispies?

  • Connie T

    Connie T wrote:

    you can buy them pre-made and use a cookie cutter