• Beki K

    Beki K wrote:

    way too cute! Love it!

  • Mikie M

    Mikie M wrote:

    Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to put together. I was sort of sad to take it all down.

  • Angela F

    Angela F wrote:

    Was this homemade? If so, how did you make the canopy?

  • Mikie M

    Mikie M wrote:

    The shelving I used is from Ikea. It's their Expedit shelving unit. the top canopy I made out of strips of colored cardboard. I used red and white tri-fold project board (from Joann's) and cut 12" sections for each stripe and taped them together on the backside. I rounded the ends and folded them down. I cut out right triangle shapes for the sides to get the angle and a support strip in the back to hold it all together. Then just set it on top of the shelving unit. Hope that helps!