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Zoe Grace's Baaptism Party

Nicole C By Nicole C  in Baptism


Party Recap

Party Styling: Southern Juliette
Sheep canvas, water bottles, cupcake wrappers, popcorn cones, invitations, signs, sheep accents, napkin rings, banner: Mimi Grace’s Celebrations
Cake pops, Rice Krispy Treats, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Chocolate Apples, Marshmallow pops – The Cake Pop Shop LLC
Cookies – Riley Bakes
Lamb cupcakes and lamb cake – Kelly’s Sweet Eats
Chocolate lollipops – GALS Girls Confections
Little Lamb Canvas – Pixie & Pirate Destinations LLC Jamie Beck

A little about the party: My daughter, Zoë Grace, turned 8. That is a significant age because it means she would be baptized, too. She loves over-the-top birthday parties that must include a theme. We picked out a “baaaa-ptism” party featuring sweet little lambs. It was the perfect theme for a spring birthday party. We went with white to represent the cleanliness after baptism and included burlap, cream, and light brown accents. She loved her party and gushed with excitement every time she saw new treats or decorations as they were delivered for the party.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    What the guests ate: Croissants with chicken salad, fresh fruit and vegetables, crackers, chips, and homemade ranch dip. The guests also ate a variety of desserts which included: chocolate lollipops, marshmallow lamb cupcakes, chocolate lamb cake, sugar cookies, vanilla cake pops, Rice Krispy Treats, chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate apples, and marshmallow pops.

  • What People Drank

    The guests drank spring water and Sprite.

  • Activities / Games

    What the guests did: The children used finger paints to paint black sheep on canvas.


Party Helpers

  • Erica Courtney - Southern Juliette

    Party Planner

    arty helpers: Erica Courtney, Danielle Yroz, Carol Aldous


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