Party Recap

This was a very fun party to plan, I think I had the most fun making the trees :) All the kids got a big kick out of all the pup themed food. The best part was seeing my 2yr old son get so excited over seeing his favorite cartoon in his home :)


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Pupcorn, Fetch sticks, Lolly pups, Puppy food, Hotdogs, Water bowls, chips

  • What People Drank


  • Desserts


  • Party Favors

    Puppy food and candy

  • Budget

    decorations and food



  • Heather S

    Heather S wrote:

    Where did you find "The Lookout"?

  • Sally C

    Sally C wrote:

    It is a free print out on nickjr, it is for the puppet theater, I printed it out and then enlarged it to fit my needs

  • no photo

    Kim W wrote:

    The name tags for the food items are so cute. Were those printables off of a website? If so, do you mind sharing the site name?

  • Sally C

    Sally C wrote:

    I made the name tags out of the gift bag printables. Also on Nickjr.com. I sized them down to the size I needed and then made my own words (food names) and glued them together. If you look through all the free printables on Nickjr you will see lots of stuff meant for crafts you can cut out and use also. I didnt want to use all the stuff they had for birthday parties, I wanted it to look more custom. You can also only print certain pages of each printable. It saves a lot of printer ink not printing the directions to the craft ideas :) I hope this helps!

  • no photo

    Dianna G wrote:

    What vendor did you get the birthday banner from?

  • Jesse G

    Jesse G wrote:

    I love the look out but not on nick jr anymore. Do you have the template for the lookout still?

  • no photo

    Lisa G wrote:

    Where did you get the tower??

  • Jodi D

    Jodi D wrote:

    I hope you changed water "bowels" before guests arrived. Oh my.

  • no photo

    Jo K wrote:

    The only issue with the whole awesome party here is this spelling error! "Bowl" is the rounded plate, "bowel" is part of the intestine- where poop sits.