Yousef's DIY Sesame Street Birthday Party

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Party Recap

This was my 2 year old's party. He loves sesame street and I love DIY. so voila!
This is my first time posting. I'm not sure where to start so bear with me please :)
The theme was YOUSEF(sesame) STREET. My main colors were red, green, blue and yellow.
We greeted guests with a door sign that said welcome to Yousef street with elmo and cookie monster's faces. I found it here:

I made life size elmo, cookie monster and big bird from a thick plastic (when cut its looks like the layers of a cardboard but made of plastic) I used felt and paper for eyes, cookies, big bird's legs) and drew the mouths.
The letter blocks spelling his name "YOUSEF" which I made out of diaper boxes that I cut to make into cubes and turned them inside out and taped them with colored tape. I printed out the letters on colored paper and glued them on. (I added Velcro to the top to close them so we can use them later for toy storage).

The dessert table was covered in a green plastic table cloth (which was too transparent) I used boxes covered in different colors of crepe paper to give different heights. Elmo, cookie monster (which was a gift so was added later in the party) and Yousef street sign (kitchen paper towel role colored in green with a white Styrofoam ball glue to the top. I printed the sign and glued it) sat on the biggest boxes in the back

The birthday cake was a 2 tier vanilla sponge cake with vanilla buttercream covered with fondant. (I discovered the night before the birthday that I don't have black food coloring for Elmo's mouth and I couldn't find any at the store, so....Elmo has a black eye liner mouth. Don't worry, I told everybody he was not edible and took him off the cake as soon as we blew out the candles :D) the number 2 was made of leftover plastic board from big bird. the candles were crayon shaped from Wilton. cupcakes were covered in colored frosting. I used candy melts and fondant for the eyes and noses.
I got the recipe for the popcorn from here:
The cake balls were cake tops mixed with frosting and blended. That's the food that I made.
I added some little trash cans with gummy worms, chocolate chip cookies in a jar and chocolate covered pretzels mainly to dress up the table. For added decoration I used a couple of empty play dough boxes, an empty letter block shaped tissue paper box and a vase with crayons in it.
For the poster, I found the picture online and added Yousef street to it and printed it at a print shop. The balloons were helium filled store bought balloons we got just before the party started.

hooper's store sign was made of fabric with the letters glued on with a glue gun. I used wooden skewers for the skeleton and attached it to the top of the mirror's frame with thumb tacks. under it I put the goody bags and a plant because it looked cute :).

I put colored streamers on the ceiling, just because I had left overs from covering the boxes and I thought I really was going for that "WOW" factor. That really did it. my kid loved it!

for dinner, we had pizza, hotdogs, fries, shawerma sandwiches and salad skewers. We put out hotdogs, buns, condiments and asked guests to "dress their dog". I was so busy with everything else, I didn't have time to cook any food so most of it was store bought. Our space is so small so we didn't have any place to put the, I made "Elmo's world" in the corridor of the apartment. I drew some of Elmo's world pictures on A4 papers and just stuck them on the wall. We put a table with red table cloth and we were good to go (I took the picture after the food was done)

The games that I described in the highlights were put on our TV table and we just moved them around during the party as we needed them.

We all wore sesame street t-shirts (Yousef was elmo, mommy was cookie monster, daddy was Oscar, the nanny was big bird)we just bought plain colored t-shirts and printed out eyes and mouths on sticker paper and stuck them on. Now we have t-shirts we can still use out. the templates for the goody bags and t-shirts are from here:
You may have noticed I don't know how to add links to my text. I apologize for that!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Pizza hotdogs (we put out hotdogs, buns and condiments. We asked guests to dress their dog :D) mini chicken shawarma sandwiches French fries greek salad skewers (feta cubes, sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes in tooth picks)

  • What People Drank

    soft drinks and water which we kept in an ice box

  • Desserts

    birthday cake and cupcakes cake pops (from cake tops and frosting blended together)marshmallow M&Ms popcorn gummy worms (Oscar's worms in little "trash cans") chocolate chip cookies chocolate covered pretzels (abby wands) I wanted to put food labels but did not have time :(

  • Party Favors

    character goody bags (elmo, big bird, cookie monster, abby) each had a mickey mouse pencil and ball eraser (school starts in 2 days), bubbles bottle, 3 colors of play dough, 2 pieces of kinder chocolate bites, toffee stick, lollipop. I didn't stick to the theme for the goody bags because there aren't any sesame street themed stuff in stores here and it was just easier for me this way

  • Activities / Games

    -Toss the cookie game (I painted a box blue and made a big mouth and added eyes. I made cookies out of felt circles filled with rice. -Oscar's trash toss: empty cans of oatmeal and formula arranged in a triangle. we used small plastic balls to toss them down. catch Dorothy: I glued paper clips to felt fish and made fishing rods with a magnet to catch the fish -sesame street sing-a-long


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