You're Invited to Gabe's Monster Laboratory

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Party Recap

Gabe welcomed all to have a delightfully frightful time at his Monster Laboratory. He welcomed all -even goblins, ghouls, and fairies. A vampire’s feast was provided to keep the living merry. Ghoulish ghost stories by the fire (or fireplace) would surely make all wary!

More party details including full list of resources and vendors can be found at the below link:


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Since it was Halloween, I'd say we were all the best dressed! Costumed guests included: myself {zombie nurse}, my hubby {mad scientist}, Gabe {slobber monster}, sunbathing beauty, two mummies, Juno, lumberjack, ballerina, scary creature, old man Superman, Cleopatra & Caesar, Spiderman, Batman, Giraffe, and a Pirate!

  • Desserts

    Party cones filled with Cinnamon & Sugar Kettle Corn and Chocolate Kettle Corn were also available. We also had a tower of handmade S'more Caramel Apples. For the kiddos, we also had a 'Buffet of Body Parts' which included body shaped gummies from ears, to noses, to severed fingers and toes. My favorites - the gummy eyeballs, brains, and fangs! We also had a 'Tower of Treats' which featured an abundance of sweets including ... Cookie Monsters {Home Made Butter Cream icing between two Oatmeal-Cranberry-Walnut cookies}, Monster Head Cupcakes {Butter Cream icing atop red velvet cupcakes}, Shots of Monster Blood {Tapioca Pudding featuring lg dyed tapioca pearls}, 'Eye'ffles {Handmade chocolate truffles}, Monster Cookies {designed by Whimsical Originals}, Cherry Brain Parts {shortbread tarts filled with cherry pie filling and freshly made whipped cream topping piped on to form a brain topping}, Marshmallow Monster Teeth {square vanilla marshmallows dipped in colorful candy melts}, Brain Jello {cherry Jello brain}, and a Skull Cake {handmade by my sister}.

  • Activities / Games

    We'd planned on telling ghost stories by the fire and roasting marshmallows, but due to a drought there was a fire ban in our county (boo hoo!). So, we sat indoors in our living room infront of the fireplace instead.

  • Budget

    $800, including food & beverages

  • Party Favors

    Parting Favors included test tubes {plastic for the kiddos} filled with candy bones. The die cut labels read 'Thanks for Jointing Us!' {You get it? Bones - Joints!} And who could forget about the cute little Monster Cookies! Guests also had goody grub bags available to bag up the over abundance of treats from the party. I surely didn't want all of the sweets sitting around my house after the party. :)

  • What People Ate

    For dinner we served, Decomposed Salad, Monster Eyes {sausage balls}, Breadstick Bones with Monster Blood {pizza sauce}, Rigaboney {not shown}, Spooky Spaghetti Noodles {black and orange spaghetti noodles - not shown} with Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce {not shown}.

  • What People Drank

    Guests could fill their scientific beakers with monster straws with Brain Juice {orange punch with sherbert) and Eyeball Drink Stirrers. Hauntingly Hot Potions including Orange Hot Chocolate, Ghost {White} Hot Chocolate, and Spooky Spider Cider were also available.

  • Gabriel invites you to his monster laboratory!

    Monster Themed Halloween Party.


Party Helpers



  • Novelyn A

    Novelyn A wrote:

    Hello. Really sweet party. Where did you purchased these potion/ liquid containers? any information would be appreciated.

  • Shana D

    Shana D wrote:

    Thanks for the comment. I purchased all of the lab items at LCM Laboratories online. (I've just updated the party to include this detail as well as others.) I made all of the labels and other paper items myself. Hope this helps.

  • no photo

    Kelly W wrote:

    I love your monster themed party. We just recently bought target party supplies to have a monster party for my son who is turning 4! We also bought him a monster costume from pottery barn kids so he can be the main monster for his party (and then wear it again for halloween)!

  • Shana D

    Shana D wrote:

    Thanks, Kelly. I so love monster costumes. Even though Gabe was a monster last year we are debating having him be a Monster again this year (only a different Monster with a different costume). Would love to see photos of your party after it occurs. :)

  • Su M

    Su M wrote:

    Hi, this is sooo cute. What are they??? Could you email me the steps of how to make them

  • Shana D

    Shana D wrote:

    Thanks. They are just chocolate truffles I made at home rolled in non pareils. The eye balls can be found at most craft stores in their baking sections. I don't remember the exact recipe I used since it's been a few years but if you do a search for chocolate truffles any recipes found should pretty much work. Hope this helps.