Party Recap

This was my son 5th Birthday Party Bash! He loves video games so we decided to transform our living room into a game room. We moved the furniture out and set up four video game stations. We also had Sprinkles the clown to come in and face paint the kids and the Adults to add to the fun.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    To See the Big Smile on My son Face

  • What People Ate

    Hot Dogs , Hot wings, Full Snack Bar: Popcorn, Cheese and Crackers, Oranges, Beef sticks,

  • What People Drank

    Fruit Drink Boxes, Water

  • Desserts


  • Activities / Games

    Wii Games - Included : Hip Hop Dance Experience, Dance Party 4, Mario Brothers


Party Helpers


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  • Latoya C

    Latoya C wrote:

    I love this party!!! Very creative.