Party Recap

Chic and girly for a small group of family and friends.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Rice with corn, grilled chicken, lasagna, potatoe salad, sea food salad, pastelitos, quipes, and finger sandwiches

  • What People Drank

    Fruit punch, beer, water, licquor

  • Desserts


  • Party Favors

    mini mirrors in the shape of a silver purse

  • Budget



Party Helpers



  • Clara D

    Clara D wrote:

    I love the detail. I just am dying to know what is on the black stand? Someone was super creative! Thanks for sharing

  • no photo

    Nikki O wrote:

    how do you make the ballons ?

  • no photo

    Nikki O wrote:

  • no photo

    Garlene S wrote:

  • Rosy281429

    Rosy281429 wrote:

    Sorry, might not even matter anymore, but I dont come on here very often. The stuff on the black stand are bouquets made of marshmallows. The flower balloons I made by tieing 4 pink balloons and a black and white un the middle. Then twist 2 long balloons and tie them at both ends.

  • no photo

    Eudys V wrote:

    bella decoración me encanta felicidades DIOS le siga bendiciendo esas manos

  • Psb B

    Psb B wrote:

    Could you please tell me what you used to tie the pick bows around the table. Thank you!

  • no photo

    Amanda S wrote:

    Hi there can you please tell me what size table cloths you used for both the white and the black and what you used to hold the ribbons on that table with?