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Wine Tasting Weekend Bachelorette with Games & Printables

Emily Alder By Emily Alder  in Bachelorette


Party Recap

For my bachelorette weekend we rented a beautiful home in Temecula, a popular Southern California wine tasting destination. Thus we planned to do some wine tasting and pool lounging throughout the weekend. We did some wine tasting, a bachelorette game, a custom drink, a fun favor set up and lots more.

Friday night we got all dressed up and headed to downtown Temecula and after drinks and a little wait we snagged a table at PUBLIC HOUSE. They were so great to us, our waiter was so patient being a 20 something guy dealing with 15 ladies. After several bottles of wine and stuffing ourselves we nixed the idea to go out dancing and headed back to the house to hit the spa and relax.

Saturday, my wonderful sister who planned the weekend, scheduled for us take a limo tasting at 3 wineries. We started at FALKNER WINERY, then headed to a smaller tasting at VINDEMIA (their sparkling grenache is amazing) and finished off a tasting and lunch at MOUNT PALOMAR WINERY. Each tasting room had their benefits, we each received a free glass at Falkner and our guide was quite the funny man. Vindemia was a small, romantic, & outdoor tasting area. It was by far my favorite, the wine was wonderful and although it was hot hot hot, we really enjoyed ourselves. Mount Palomar was quite large and fairly busy, they had the most diverse tastings and the older man behind the bar had all of us swooning.

After tasting we were all happily buzzing through the afternoon and spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool, snacking, and playing games. While making our cocktails we played a game my sister put together, we all had a blast going through the questions.

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Party Highlights

  • Desserts


  • Party Favors

    BAGGU bag, Essie Nail Polish, Revlon Nail Files, Hand Sanitizer, Sofia Coppola Champagne Cans, Mimosa Lollies by THE GROOVY BAKER, Etsy Elastic Hair Ties, Nail Polish remover pads, a thank you card, some home made tattoos, EOS lip balm, and handmade crepe paper flowers.

  • Activities / Games

    Bachelorette Cocktail: Louisville Lemonade. Wine Tasting throughout Temecula. Dinner at the Public House. Finish His Sentence Bachelorette game & printable. Home made tattoos.

  • What People Ate

    Assorted meat and cheese platters put together by me.

  • What People Drank

    Wine, Champagne, Bachelorette Cocktail

  • Best Moment

    Sipping cocktails by the pool!

  • Funniest Moment

    The older man serving us at Mount Palomar Winery was hilarious and obviously happy about have 10 twenty- something ladies to flirt with!


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