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  • Kelli J

    Kelli J wrote:

    Did you make this or buy it somewhere?

  • Novelyn A

    Novelyn A wrote:

    Hello Kelli! Thanks for your question. I actually made this. It's very simple to make. If you are interested in knowing how to make just comment and I will forward instructions. Thanks!

  • no photo

    Karen L wrote:

    Hello Novelyn A I would love to know how you made this pretty please! Its beautiful! :) Thank you very much.

  • Novelyn A

    Novelyn A wrote:

    @karenl Most supplies you can buy from JoAnn Fabrics: What you will need: 1) 1 or 2- 12" Wood Dowl 2) 1/2 Yd of Burlap 3) 1/2 Yd of Muslin 4) Embroidery Yarn & Needle-Choose Color. I used an Off White to match Muslin 5) Fabric Paint & Painting brush- Small bottle 6) Ribbon You can choose to paint text onto burlap prior to assembly or after. I chose to do it after. Once it is assembled I placed a piece of paper between the burlap and the muslin. I then lightly painted the text making sure not to have clumps of paint. Once dry I remove paper. First- Width: Cut 12" wide muslin and burlap *Muslin is needed to be able to read text on the burlap. When sunlight goes through burlap you can not see text. Then Length: Cut the length you would like. Keep in mind the fold over the dowl. You will need to stitch along the fold with embroidery yarn and needle keeping the dowl inside the fold. Paper Flower can be purchased from PAPER SOURCE. I attached flower by using embroidery yarn and needle. Take ribbon and tie one end to dowl and determine the length of how it will hang on chair. Then cut ribbon and attach to dowl. I hope this makes sense. Happy Crafting!

  • no photo

    Victoria M wrote:

    Where did get the stencil?

  • Novelyn A

    Novelyn A wrote:

    @VictoriaM hello! I actually picked a font from my computer. I first determined the size font I needed and printed it. I placed it underneath the burlap. I could see the black print through the burlap (used a very loose weave burlap) and then used white paint using a thin brush to paint. Keep in mind not to have a lot of paint on the brush so that it did not bleed through causing the paper to adhere to the back side of the burlap. I would let the first layer dry and then add light coats of paint so that it got darker and easier to read. I also attached a layer of muslin to the back side because the weave was so loose light shines through which make it hard to read. But the layer of muslin helps to block the light coming through. you can use a tighter weave burlap but then it maybe harder for you to see the print through. For the talents of someone who can do free hand using a tighter weave is suggested. Hope this helps. Good Luck!