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William's Trash Bash

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Party Recap

Are you ready to talk some trash??!!

I was ready to take on the challenge when my almost 4 year old was set on having a garbage truck party for his 4th birthday. We started saving up egg cartons, milk jugs and various size boxes for the party set up. The dessert table featured crumpled butcher paper and custom poster print. Newspaper rosettes were placed on either sides of the poser. My favorite aspect of the dessert table was the newspaper table skirt. Candy was served out of egg cartons and other disposables. The cookies were made by Kim from Silly Gilly. The cake was made by Monelle of Sweet Ideas. And the trash can cake pops and chocolate covered oreos were from Bella's Bakery. I was pretty much in shock when I got the trash can cake pops... how awesome are those??!! :)

We served up junk yard chicken nuggets, dorito debris, filthy fruit and stinky fish for lunch. Along with sewer sippers, waste water and junk yard juice.

There were several activities set up for the kids... trash toss, knock over the cans, and build a trash tower.

Party day ended up being beaitful and the kids had an absolute blast. Lacey Rabalis took all the pictures and she did a fantastic job capturing my little man's 4th birthday.


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