William's 'Pow-erful' Superhero Birthday Party

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Party Recap

In summary, Will and his friends LOVED the superhero party. The capes and masks were a huge hit, as was the superb cake and tasty treats. Make sure you make yours loud, proud and bright – there is no room for pastels or wallflowers with this party theme!

The full printable party set gives you so many options, and includes 22 pieces of artwork for you to download, customize and print! Take the hassle out and enjoy the compliments. You superhero you!


Superhero set includes:

Themed Party Invitation (5" x 7") (Print two invitations per page)
2" Cupcake Toppers (make tags and labels with these too) - "Superhero" and "Happy Birthday" Is not editable
Decorative Food Labels (3.7" x 4.7")
Water Bottle Labels (2'' x 7'') (Batman Mask, Ironman Mask, Spiderman Mask)
Favor/Thank-you Tags (2" x 4")
Welcome Signs (Directional Signs - 4 Signs pointing left and right to guide your guests)
Happy Birthday Banner (Each letter panel is 5.3" x 6.2" – Total 14 Panels)
Mini Straw flags - Text Not Editable
Mini Cake Bunting
Cupcake wrappers
Six Superhero Mask Designs (Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman, Wonderwoman + Superman)
Welcome Sign (8.5'' x 11'') - "Welcome To" Is not editable
Cut Out City Scape (11'' x 17'' - Tabloid)
Superhero Badges - All letters of the Alphabet from A-Z - Printed on Letter Page (2'' x 1.5'')
Superhero Badges - All letters of the Alphabet from A-Z - Printed on Tabloid Page (3.1'' x 2.4'')
Speech Bubble Party Signs (8.5'' x 11'')
Speech Bubble Party Signs (6.8'' X 5.2'') - Two signs per page
3 x Editable Photo Booth Prop Signs - White speech bubbles
20 x Colorful Signs - Text NOT editable on these signs
Batman cuff for torch favors (4.5'' x 3.1'')
City Scape Printable Backdrop - 6 ft x 7 ft (182cm X 213cm) - Text NOT editable
White Bam Pow Boom Printable Backdrop - 6 ft x 7 ft (182cm X 213cm) - Text NOT editable


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Kryptonite sticks, Superhero cake, Captain Jelly

  • What People Drank

    Green Superhero Juice

  • Desserts

    Lots and lots of Superhero cake and cupcakes!

  • Party Favors

    Awesome double sided superhero capes Batvision torches Superhero masks

  • Activities / Games

    Lou didn’t need to hire in entertainers, the capes and choice of superhero masks was enough – off Will and his friends scampered (or flew, or climbed, or swooped) having a marvellous time and super charged with kryptonite!


Party Helpers

  • Sunshine Parties

    Party printables

    All our items are downloadable, editable, and can be customized and printed at home. It makes the process of organising a party manageable, and even enjoyable! How about that?!

    Celebrating and getting together with friends and family to share happy times is what fills my heart with joy. And SunshineParties, as the name suggests, is all about happiness and celebrations.


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