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Party Recap

My son is obsessed with buses, and spots every. single. bus. in town. He then makes me sing “The Wheels on the Bus” (and as he’s gotten older, he keeps adding more and more verses). Needless to say, I spend most of my driving time singing, beeping, swishing, and wah-wah-wah-ing. I had no idea our town had so many buses. So the theme for his 2nd birthday party party was a no-brainer: the Wheels on the Bus.

The food served was meant to represent the various verses of the song:

Wheels (that go round & round): Chocolate Covered Donuts on sticks (because everything is more fun on sticks)
Wipers (that go swish, swish, swish): Black Licorice
Horn (that goes beep, beep, beep): Bugles
Coins (that go clink, clink, clink): Chocolate Coin Candy
Mommas & Daddies (that say “I love you”): PB&J sandwiches cut into hearts
Babies (that go “wah, wah, wah”): Cry Babies Candy
Doors (that go open and shut)–graham cracker, Nutella and bananas sandwiches
I made sure to throw in some fruit and veggies so the moms would feel better about the all the sweets their kids were eating. I also served Sunny D (because it’s the same color as a bus), plain M&Ms (my son’s favorite candy), and cupcakes, which were the birthday boy’s personal request.

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