Party Recap

This game was a ton of fun..wish there were better pictures to show the night activities...there were bunch of glow in the dark insects all over the bakyard and on top of the tent. I purchased a ton of glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets, etc for the girls and they had a dance party after making smores.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    I melted jolly ranches and broke it up to make flames and melted white chocolate and put it on pretzle sticks to make marshmellows on a stick for the girls cupcakes

  • Activities / Games

    The girls made their own Camp Hailey T shirts, made pet rocks and had a glow in the dark dance party

  • Best Moment

    Since we were sleeping in tents it would have to be when the girls fell asleep (2am)..of course on the flip side of that, it wasn't too fun when they woke up at 6 am..ha ah ha!

  • What People Ate

    Burgers and Hot Dogs were on the menu for this camp out


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  • Sandra G

    Sandra G wrote:

    Cute bags! LOve the tags!