Party Recap

A Baby Shower turned into a Welcome Home Party when little sweet pea Kamilla arrived 1 1/2 months early.


Party Helpers

  • Nereida Cordero


  • Vanessa Colon


  • Vanessa Colon

    Party Planner



  • Melissa N

    Melissa N wrote:

    love the name and the colors!

  • Vanessa C

    Vanessa C wrote:

    Thanks Melissa, the colors look great together and matched perfectly with the theme. The name is very nice also and unique. Thanks for your comment.

  • Sarah O

    Sarah O wrote:

    I LOVE your pictures!!! Your party looks beautiful! I am planning the same theme for my girl friends twin baby shower. My invites look exactly like your signs. Where did you get them??? Thanks!

  • Vanessa C

    Vanessa C wrote:

    Hi Sarah, Thanks, I really appreciate your sweet comment. I actually put together the printable with an example I saw online. This is a sweet theme that is in trend now, Good luck with your friends baby shower.

  • no photo

    Lola D wrote:

    Vanessa I love the tent/food place cards ...where can I find them ?

  • Vanessa C

    Vanessa C wrote:

    Hi Lola, I designed the printable for this sweet welcome home party. I saw an example online and went from there since there's not much on the Sweet Pea theme. The mommy wanted green and pink and everything turned out lovely.