Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Guests had 4 different choices, provided by 3 different restaurants in attendance.

  • Desserts

    Strawberry Shortcake, Bundt Cake & Shaved Ice.

  • Party Favors

    Strawberry Hand Sanitizer, Strawberry Candy and a variety of Gift Cards, all packaged in Strawberry cartons, tied with ribbon and a personalized tag.

  • Activities / Games

    3 Caricature artists, plus the Appreciation Program.



  • no photo

    Brooke V wrote:

    I am hosting a volunteer party coming up soon and would love if you could email me any templates you have.

  • Stacy T

    Stacy T wrote:

    Hi Brooke, I will check into this. My HD crashed late last year and I'm afraid that this event might have been a 'casualty'. I'll let you know. Thanks.

  • no photo

    Sarah M wrote:

    I'm doing this same theme for an upcoming banquet. Do you still have any templates?

  • Stacy T

    Stacy T wrote:

    Hi Sarah, Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, my HD crashed and burned back in 2013 and I lost everything for this event. I was soon bummed, because I make it a point to keep everything. I'm so sorry.

  • no photo

    Laura T wrote:

    Did you make your blue ribbons or purchase them from somewhere? If purchase...where? Also the volunteer label in the middle did you create that as a sticker, cut and paste features on there by hand or order it from somewhere? If ordered...where? Thanks so much!

  • Stacy T

    Stacy T wrote:

    Hi Laura, Thank you for your interest. Yes, I did make the blue ribbons AND yes, we used a local graphic artist and created the center also.

  • Julie B

    Julie B wrote:

    How did you make the ribbon?. Or did you buy them?

  • Stacy T

    Stacy T wrote:

    Hi Julie! Thank you for your interest. Yes, I did make the blue ribbons.