Party Recap

My little one is a definitely a girly girl, and loves to dress up, play makeup and have little tea lunches with her stuffed friends. I've been waiting since the day she was born to throw her a tea party, and even though she just turned 3, I knew she would love it.. and she did! Since we were on a tight budget, and I love crafts, almost all of the decorations were made by me, with the help of little Madyson! I ordered some party printables online when I fell in love with the design and color scheme, and I was able to personalize them (they were a huge hit, and really made our "at home" party look professional) As I am a baker/decorator, all of the desserts were made by me as well and I had so much fun trying new things just for my little girl! This was definitely a labor of love, and I hope you enjoy the party through the pics as much as I enjoyed throwing it! TFL!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    We definitely went a bit overboard on the dessert menu, being a decorator/baker made it fifficult for me to choose what treats to make! We kept it simple with the flavors as it was for little ones with picky appetites. The sweets included a ruffled vanilla buttercream frosted birthday cake, chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate frosting, chocolate filled vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting, rice crispy treats drizzled with pink vanilla chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, cotton candy cones, sugar cookies, vanilla push-up pops with vanilla and strawberry frosting, milk jugs and an assortment of candies!

  • Party Favors

    Every young guest received a pretty organza sack filled with goodies that included mini mirrors, lipgloss ring, mini nail polish, snap bracelet, and kids playing cards. They also got to take home whatever accessories they wore from the dress up station, a fan and the hat craft they made!

  • Activities / Games

    For the craft a "make your own tea party hat" station was set up that offered assorted colored feathers, flowers and lots of jewels. Each child chose whatever they wanted on their hats and the mommas hot glued them together. I made the hats before hand out of paper plates and bowls, and tied on ribbon! These were a big hit with the kids and parents, and we were able to take a great group photo with all the girls wearing them! We also had a "makeup station" where the girls took turns getting their makeup done (eye shadow, blush and lipgloss) and painted their nails!

  • Best Moment

    Helping Madyson get dolled up, and seeing her so happy to be with her little girlfriends. She was definitely in her element and I knew I'd chosen the right theme for her <3

  • Funniest Moment

    When I caught the birthday girl and one of her friends doing each others makeup at the end of the party, they were basically wearing everything on the table!

  • Best Dressed

    Madyson of course! I bought her a beautiful lace ivory shabby chic dress and paired it with adorable hot pink peep toes! I made her pearl necklace and hair band, he looked beautiful and so so happy!

  • What People Ate

    The girls menu consisted of all the birthday girls favorites, turkey and cheese and peanut butter an jelly tea sandwiches, quarter cut bagels with reg and strawberry cream cheese, macaroni and cheese and carrots and ranch dip and fruit salad! For the adults, an assortment of chips, dip and salsa, and crackers an different cheeses and a veggie platter!

  • What People Drank

    The party girls had lots to choose from! Iced tea, lemonade and apple juice served from tea pots in their tea cups of course, and milk jugs that they could make into strawberry or chocolate milk!


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