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Vintage National Park/Camping Themed 3rd Birthday "Holden National Park"

no photo By Katy N  in Birthday


Party Recap

A very special vintage National Park camping themed 3rd birthday party for my son Holden. This party theme was inspired by the old National Park/National forest signs, Smokey the Bear, vintage National Park tourism posters, vintage Coleman camping gear and all kids love of camping! The main colors within the theme were the vintage Coleman green, muted yellows, park sign brown and of course some buffalo plaid!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    "Forest Berries" (fresh berries) "Campfire Flames" (mixed red and orange Cheetos), Trail Mix, "Pincone and Cheese Log" (nut covered cheese spreads with crackers), "Don't Feed the Bears" (Teddy Grahams, two colors) " Rainbow Trout" (Goldfish crackers)

  • What People Drank

    Hot Apple Cider, Hot Cocoa & assorted cold beverages.

  • Desserts

    DIY tree stump smash cake, River Rock candy, Trader Joe's Maple Leaf cookies, "Acorns" (two types made from Hersheys kisses and mini Nutter Butter cookies and the other from glazed donut holes dipped in sprinkles with a pretzel stick top)

  • Party Favors

    Sage green berry baskets with burlap ribbon handles filled with: handmade camp journals, natural tree bark pencil, toy binoculars and compass, woodland animal vinyl finger puppets and rings, camp themed sticker sheet and candies.

  • Activities / Games

    "Little Lumberjack Axe Throw" (with plastic toy axe of course!) and "Earn your Junior Park Ranger Badge"



  • no photo

    Jen C wrote:

    How did you make the wall and the national park signs?

  • Jessica B

    Jessica B wrote:

    Love this!!! Wondering were you got this template to customized your sign! Wanting to do it for my sister's baby shower! :)

  • Kimberly  H

    Kimberly H wrote:

    Awesome Party!!!!! I'm having a party for our son Jacob who loves exploring and would like to know how you made the National Forest sign.

  • no photo

    Cynthia G wrote:

    Amazing party! Where did you get your signs & food signs? Thank you!

  • no photo

    Heather M wrote:

    Please let us know where to find this template. Thank you!

  • no photo

    Shalyn B wrote:

    Where did you get your cupcake stand? Thank you!

  • Chiara Z

    Chiara Z wrote:

    Hi! where did you find the templates for the park signs and the party kit?

  • no photo

    Elizabeth Y wrote:

    Did you make the cute evergreen trees? Or buy them? Where??

  • no photo

    Elizabeth Y wrote:

    Did you make the cute evergreen trees? Or buy them? Where??

  • no photo

    Angel F wrote:

    Loving the National Forest sign. Can you enlighten me where you got the template and what materials you used. I'm using a similar theme for a Literacy Night at my school. Each of our 15 stations will be different National Parks! Thanks in advance ... [email protected]

  • Shelby W

    Shelby W wrote:

    I need to know how you got that National Park sign template/printed as well!

  • no photo

    Jennifer M wrote:

    Amazing party! I’m also wondering about the National Park sign template! Email is [email protected] Would love to get the details!

  • no photo

    Gab C wrote:

    I am in love with all the details here. I am also wondering about the Nat Park sign template. My email is gcalder86 ATgmail. Would love to hear from you.

  • Ivette S

    Ivette S wrote:

    Hi I love this theme, will you be able to tel me how you made all the signs or where did you buy them from. I'm doing a national park theme in my classroom. Thank you my email is [email protected]

  • no photo

    Jan F wrote:

    Where did you get this template to customized your sign? Love it!

  • Ashley D

    Ashley D wrote:

    Where did you get the vintage plaid fabric?

  • no photo

    Rebecca S wrote:

    Wondering where the cupcake liners and stand came from?

  • Linda T

    Linda T wrote:

    LOVE this theme. Where did you get all the national forest signs for the visitor center?

  • no photo

    Shantel H wrote:

    How did you make the National Park sign? Where did you get this template to customized your sign?

  • no photo

    Angie B wrote:

    This is an absolutely perfect party! Your talent is amazing. I teach elementary school and my classroom is a camping theme. I would love to have the candies in the "Don't Feed the Bears" bin at open house this year. I have searched and have had zero luck. Can you please tell me where you found yours? My email is [email protected] Thank you in advance for helping me out.

  • no photo

    Desiree J wrote:

    Where did you get these clear containers?

  • Jessica W

    Jessica W wrote:

    Can you fill me in on how you made the actual national park sign please?! I’m doing a camping theme 1st birthday for my son in November and this would be so cute! Thanks! [email protected]

  • no photo

    Whitney M wrote:

    What was the template that was used to make the national forest sign and what is the backing? Thanks so much! [email protected]

  • no photo

    Whitney M wrote:

    This is beyond adorable! Can you share with me the template you used for the national park sign? My sister's baby shower theme is just this!! Thanks so much!! my email is [email protected]

  • no photo

    Teri M wrote:

    Hi! I love your party and I too would like the park sign template. My email address is [email protected] Thank you.

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    Ashley S wrote:

    Hi! Where can I find the customizable template for the National Park sign?! I want to use this for a baby shower!

  • no photo

    Donna B wrote:

    I’m also in love with this party idea and wondering if you could share the template of the national park sign and where you found your posters. Email is [email protected] Thanks!!

  • no photo

    Cathy C wrote:

    I love this! I'm going to have National Parks and park rangers as my class theme this year. Could you please share the template of the the national park sign and where you got the posters? My email is [email protected], and thanks so much!!

  • Abby M

    Abby M wrote:

    I am hosting my son's 5th birthday with this theme at our local national park. Can you please share the templates that you utilized for this party ? My email is [email protected]

  • no photo

    Bonnie C wrote:

    Where did you find this template? Thank you!