Vintage Marvel Superhero Birthday Party

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Party Recap

Like many four year olds, this little guy loves super heroes! His room is filled with Avengers toys, Spiderman posters and super hero sheets. So, when it came time to plan his birthday party, a super hero theme was the obvious choice. However, I’m not personally a fan of character-themed parties and wanted to try a different spin. I took my inspiration from the old vintage comic books and sprinkled in a couple characters here and there.

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Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    The kids {thoroughly} enjoyed the superhero changing station, where they were each equipped with a handmade superhero cape, a handmade superhero mask and an inflatable sword. There was lots of running around and “POWING” each other! We also had a coloring station and an “Attack the Villian” bowling game. The superhero outfits definitely won first place with the kids, though.

  • What People Ate

    The main food table was loaded with salty and sweet treats…”Captain America Cupcakes”, “Super Carson Cakepops” (by April’s Cake Pops), “Pop!corn”, “Bam Bites”, “Super Power Pills”, “Pow! Punch”, “Super Hero H2O” and last but not least, a fabulous polka dot birthday cake.



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    Aileen P wrote:

    How can you make these paper popcorn holders or where do I get it?

  • Noelle J

    Noelle J wrote:

    I've purchased them through Oriental Traders and have also just made them using a semi-circle!