Party Recap

This was a hello kitty party for my 5 year old daughter. The great thing about hello kitty is she is everywhere! I was inspired by many parties posted on here and Pinterest. The party planning started months in advance. I had so many of the supplies from previous parties and didn't have to buy much. The centerpieces were made out of crepe paper glues to a styro ball. The were time consuming. The kids all got an apron to decorate a hello kitty shaped pizza and make fruit kabobs.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    More like worst when my son got sick on a child while my daughter was opening her gifts

  • Most Touching Moment

    When a friend of my daughter said this is the best birthday party ever!

  • Best Dressed

    My daughter Hailey in a dress purchased on etsy

  • Desserts

    Cake- chocolate w/ vanilla cream and Swiss buttercream, white chocolate raspberry, Nutella cupcakes and macaroons

  • Party Favors

    Pez, bracelets, stickers, cups and CANDY

  • Activities / Games

    Piñata, pin bow on hello kitty, pizza and kabob making

  • Budget

    No idea, too much. :)

  • What People Ate

    Kids made pizza and fruit kabobs and ate veggies. Adults got bbq chicken, Hawaiian and sausage pizza.

  • What People Drank




  • Timesha N

    Timesha N wrote:

    Where did you get the hello kitty plates from?

  • no photo

    Amber G wrote:

    They were from Walmart.

  • Timesha N

    Timesha N wrote:

    Ok thanks

  • no photo

    Pam H wrote:

    where did you get the printed labels?

  • no photo

    Nati wrote:

    The cake Is amazikng

  • no photo

    Nati wrote:

  • Sherree K

    Sherree K wrote:

    Hello, where did you find the polka dot bags