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Vintage Disneyland Party

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Party Recap

The smells of Main Street U.S.A.
The sights of Adventureland.
The thrills of Tomorrowland.
The enchantment of Fantasyland.
The memories of Frontierland.
The magic of Disneyland.

Who doesn’t remember that very first time entering through the gates of the Happiest Place on Earth and instantly being transported to a place of pure childhood joy, fantastic imagination, and wondrous adventure?? No joke… I get a lump in my throat each and every visit (I doubt I’m the only one), but the day that I saw the awe in my daughters’ eyes during the first moments their first visits, I witnessed it all over again… Disney Euphoria!! For Charlotte’s 5th birthday, I tried to recreate a day in the Disneyland park in the late 1960’s /early 1970’s because, “Hey… who doesn’t like Vintage and wouldn’t have LOVED to visit way back in the day!!!

Venue: Enchanted Island at Encanto Park in historic Phoenix opened in 1946 as Kiddieland. Today, it is a hidden gem housing an assortment of kiddie rides, a vintage carousel, and the PERFECT place to host a birthday party! We rented one of their adorable picket-fenced party pavilions and tried our best to bring a bit of Disney to the desert! I used Charlotte’s play market for a ticket booth/sign in table and topped it with vintage maps of Disneyland (that could double as a fan… if folded… on a warm March afternoon), Charlotte pennants, and mouse ears, of course. Guests signed Charlotte’s ‘autograph’ book, dropped of their cards, and raced off to enjoy the splendor of the spinning cups or the dares of the dragon coaster.

Snack Stand: What’s better than Disneyland rides? Disneyland snacks! Aunt Tonia and I set up a snack stand, attempting to imitate the best the park has to offer… CHURROS, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, and ice cold beverages. Petite Party Studio loaded me up and sent me out of their adorable shop with all I needed for the treats and eats with a fabulous selection of bright pastel party and paper products. As always, I love to party with Dez at PaperCandee, and she created delicious banners and pinwheels that were good enough to eat!! The frosting filled ice cream cones were a hot item leaving the vendor needing to restock the shelves!

DISNEYLAND desserts:

I envisioned the dessert table to have the general layout of Disneyland, including the main lands and iconic rides. When I shared the secret of my plan with a few sweet specialists and pastry professionals, they excitedly agreed to help me recreate Disneyland with desserts!

Main Street U.S.A

· Mickey and his Mouseketeer cake – My jaw dropped to the floor when I opened the box to find the mini masterpieces created by Brittany of Edible Details! ‘Charlotte’ and Mickey are soooo vintage and soooo cute, and I’m so lucky to have been able to work with Brittany for Charlotte’s last three birthdays. She’s the kind of gal that makes you feel special… and she always has! Mouseketeer Charlotte made my birthday girl giggle and then ask if she could have a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar. Then, I giggled! I placed one of the invitations I created behind the fondant friends welcoming all party-goers to Main Street U.S.A.


· Submarine Voyage (1959) Zinger Treats
I remembering SHEPAPERIE’S BabyMania Submarines on HWTM and put the idea on the plan for this party. When Hostess (the pastry people… not the party people) closed… I rushed out and tucked some Zingers safely in my freezer for this special event! Mouse Fact: Eight lucky ladies preformed a synchronized ballet in mermaid costumes in the lagoon on the ride’s opening day?

· Rocket Jets (1967) Krispie Sticks
The birthday girl’s Nana baked up a delicious batch of krispie cereal bars, cookie cut them into rockets, dipped them in chocolate and launched them with space dust (ok, just sprinkles… I get carried away)!

· Autopia (1955) Car Cake Pops
Kimberlee from Cake Pop My Heart and I both have a love for Vintage Disneyland so explaining my vision for automobile car pops for my Autopia display was not needed. Kimberlee used Junior Mints for the wheels which gave the chocolate pops a minty and magical taste! Mouse Fact: Autopia is one of the few current attractions that opened with the park on July 17, 1955.


· It’s a Small World (1966) Sugar Cookies
The children of the World came to life in cookie and frosting form from Casey’s Confections. I placed them in paper boats and guests quickly ate them up. Mouse fact: The smiling and swinging clock that keeps time on both the attraction and Charlotte’s party invitation is named Glockenspiel.

· King Arthur’s Carrousel (1955) Chocolate Lollipops
PaperCandee created the most whimsical canopy for the carousel horses and Candy Cottage created the chocolate ponies. Mouse fact: Each horse on the carousel has a name and a complete list can be accessed at City Hall on Main Street.

· Mad Tea Party (1955) Macarons
To help celebrate Charlotte’s UN Unbirthday… a good friend and great baker mixed up these mini delights. The IKEA teacups themselves are so tiny that the mini macarons were perfectly matched for a story when eating and drinking made Alice shrink… shrink… shrink!

· Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (1955) Krispie Castle
Jordan, of macaron and cupcake fame, piled the krispie and Trix treats high for Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

· Fantasyland (1955) Cupcakes
If there ever was a party gal that is a bigger Disney diva than I… it’s Lynlee from Lynlee’s Petite Cakes. I have been a big fan for a looonnngggg time, obsess each and every time she creates a Disney-themed set, and crossed my fingers for a “yes” when I asked her to jump aboard the Disneyland Railroad. What she sent was perfection in fondant! I asked her to create one topper for each of the Storybookland rides and let her imagination, talent, and devotion for all things Disney be her guide. From Peter Pan’s Flight to Pinochio’s Daring Adventure, Dumbo the Flying Elephant to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Lynlee included the iconic ride elements in the tiniest way. And don’t even get me started on the Storybook Canal Boats… MY FAVORITE!!! Mouse Fact: Many rides at Disneyland have hidden Mickeys for guests to find, and Lynlee put a hidden Mickey on each topper too! Can you find them???


· The Enchanted Tiki Room (1963) Peep Pops
“Where the birds sing words and the flowers croon…” Grandma Dianne had the BEST time creating the bright birds of the Tiki Room using Peep and gummy candies.

· Jungle Cruise (1955) Cookies
Climbing aboard one of the Jungle Cruise boats means a ride out in the wild! Casey from Casey’s Confections took the famous scenes from the attraction, added a bit of whimsy, and made them deliciously edible! Who doesn’t love the elephant sitting and spraying water? Or the rhino poking the tourists up the totem? Mouse Fact: The original version was very serious and informational… later the comical ‘Skippers’ were added.

New Orleans Square

· Pirates of the Caribbean( 1967) Cake Pops
Cake Pop my Heart sure does know how to capture the essence of a classic ride… the parrot greeting riders, the treasure chests filled with sparkly gems, the scraggly scalawags, and that mangy ‘ole dog with the jail key.

· The Haunted Mansion (1969) Grave Pops
Although this ride is still too intimidating for my sweet Charlotte to ride just yet, she did enjoy herself a two-tiered cupcake grave topped with a happy haunt! Look closely… you can see the famous stretch murals from the elevator room on the sticks of the push pops! “We have nine hundred and ninety-nine happy haunts here, but there's room for a thousand. Any volunteers?”


· Rainbow Caverns Mine Train (1956) Cupcakes
Before you had to hang on to your hats and glasses on the wildest ride in the wilderness, riders enjoyed a scenic adventure in the desserts of the Southwest on the Mine Train. Jordan created these 3-tier cupcakes with rainbow-colored mine trains. Mouse Fact: Omage to the original ride is paid on the modern Big Thunder Mountain when the rocks are glowing above-head during the first lift.

· Bear County Jamboree (1972) Brownies
Join 18 critter of the back countries for a jamboree piled high on a mountain of brownies.

By far, this was the most fun celebration to plan! I loved learning more about Disneyland and truly felt like Mr. Walt himself constructing my own Happiest Dessert Table on Earth! As always, we asked guests to help us celebrate with a donation to the national and local charitable organization that continues to support and care for Charlotte and her rollercoaster adventure of being a child affected by a cleft lip and palate. We are always thrilled with the outpouring of support from friends and family and happily donated thousands of dollars again this year! M-I-C – See ya real soon – K–E–Y – Why? Because we like you – M-O-U-S-E!!!

Party Vendors:
Styling, Invitations and Photography: Million Dollar $mile Celebrations – or
Venue – Enchanted Island –
Party goods – Petite Party Studio –
Paper pennants, pinwheels, carousel canopy and professional printing services – PaperCandee – or
Fondant ‘Charlotte and Mickey’ – Edible Details –
Fondant cupcake toppers – Lynlee’s Petite Cakes –
Cake pops – Cake Pop My Heart –
Cookies – Casey’s Confections –
Macarons, tiered cupcakes, and krispie castle – Jordan + Laurie
Chocolate Carousel horses – Candy Cottage -
Cupcakes – Sweet Daddy Cupcakes –
Mini ice cream frosting cones – 21Cakes –

Charities –
Cleft Palate Foundation –
Barrow’s Cleft and Craniofacial Center -


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