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Vintage Cowboy Cutie 3rd Birthday

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Party Recap

My son Isaiah loves to pretend to be a cowboy and shout ‘Yee Haw!’ His chubby little face has always reminded me of the cute vintage cowboy images.
I went searching for vintage graphics that I could use as part of the party décor, but many of them portrayed violence.

I designed the ‘brown eyed cowboy’ after my son. He is seen in the various party decorations doing innocent, playful things such as twirling his lasso, holding onto his belt buckle, tipping his hat, and riding his toy horse.

I chose a bright and cheerful color palette of red, bright blue and yellow and added denim and bandana prints as accents. All of the party decorations were designed and created by me, and most are available in my etsy shop

There were actually two parties for Isaiah. We had his playgroup friends, and their moms, over in the morning for some games such as the ‘Tootsie Roll Roundup’ and ‘Horseshoe Toss’ as well as treats. We passed out a bandana and cowboy hat to each child to wear (and take home as a favor). In the evening Isaiah’s grandparents arrived for supper, cake, ice cream and presents!

He had a wonderful time, as is seen by his smiling face in the pictures!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Isaiah, dressed in his cowboy best

  • Desserts

    chocolate cake and chocolate cupcakes

  • Activities / Games

    We played the 'Tootsie Roll Roundup' and the 'Horseshoe toss' with the little kids

  • Budget

    I made basically all the decorations myself, and was able to keep food costs down to a minimum. The most expensive items were the party favors. Total cost of the party was around $100

  • Party Favors

    Each of the children received a cowboy hat and red bandana and were sent home with a baggie of 'for the trail' snack mix

  • Best Moment

    Seeing Isaiah with his little friends

  • What People Ate

    The kids had all sorts of fun treats such as 'chuckwagon cheddar cheese', 'dusty donuts' and 'smore pops'. For supper the adults ate pulled pork sandwhiches, chips, pickles and lemonade

  • What People Drank

    lemonade and apple juice

  • Funniest Moment

    Isaiah giggling during his sugar high!


Party Helpers



  • Angela J

    Angela J wrote:

    you can purchase this, along with many of the other party decorations at

  • Isabel  R

    Isabel R wrote:

    Adorable and very creative! Thanks for posting :D

  • Kristi W

    Kristi W wrote:

    How exactly did you make this cute bunting? I am looking to make one that can hang on a door for a soccer trip to Texas

  • Angela J

    Angela J wrote:

    Kristi, for the mini bandanna bunting I found a red paisley ribbon at the local craft store and cut it into triangles, and then sewed them all together! super simple! If anyone is searching for cowboy themed items, I have re-worked the party package and now offer all graphics/products in printable format!