Party Recap

Our daughter Victoria loves Twilight, so we purchased a Murder/Mystery game from Host-Party about vampires. We used them last year as well for her pirate party & really liked the party. It's a lot of work to print all the materials out but definitely worth it! We assigned characters to the guests and asked them to dress in costume. We also did a Twilight themed cake based on the cover art of the four books.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Victoria & her Dad dressed as vampires

  • Desserts

    2 tiered chocolate & strawberry Twilight themed cake

  • Activities / Games

    Murder/mystery game

  • Most Touching Moment

    Victoria's grandmother finishing the cake that i had started before going to the hospital

  • Missing the party

    I put so much work into this party then ended up in the hospital the day before with complications with the pregnancy of our 2nd daughter. Victoria's dad, aunt, & grandparents stepped up to take my place and ensure the party was a success.


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