Party Recap

Our annual Halloween party allows the adults to dress up in costumes with the kids. With games, treats and a walk through the haunted house, this party was a hit!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    We had nachos and cheese and a veggie platter for snack food.

  • What People Drank

    We had a cranberry punch and for the adults, we served red and white wine and 'Bloody Mary' cocktails.

  • Desserts

    The dessert table consisted of a red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. The cupcakes were white chocolate with raspberry buttercream. Also, we had gummy candy, 'bloody' buttered popcorn, 'fang' sugar cookies, chocolate covered rice krispy treats, black liquorice, cream cheese parfaits and caramel apples.

  • Activities / Games

    We played 'hot garlic' (hot potato) with the kids, ring toss and also a vampire movie trivia game for the adults. The kids got to decorate a vampire mask to take home.


Party Helpers


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