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Every year I try to create a festive love-inspired breakfast for my three little ones on Valentine's Day. When I was a little girl, my Mom always did a special Valentine's breakfast and I'm keeping the tradition alive. Often times I refer to my little trio as the "3 Little Monkeys" due to their high energy and the fact that they are all so close in age (boys are 6 1/2 and daughter is 5) -- so, "love monkeys" just seemed a fitting theme. As long as my kids are little I love the idea of getting them something "cuddly" for Valentine's Day, and in keeping with my theme I decided cute little sock monkeys would fit the bill -- not too cutesy for my boys, and yet still cute enough for my daughter. They also got some new chapter books and of course CANDY. For breakfast, we made some pretty typical breakfast items (eggs and toast) and just spuced them up a bit -- red sanding sugar on their toast, and used cookie cutters to get our desired heart shape. It was a super sweet breakfast and they were so appreciative, which made it even SWEETER. I'm well aware that these 'little kid' years are fleeting and I'm so glad to have these precious memories with my little valentines.


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