Party Recap

Rained all day but we had fun with some games & a Monster High Movie.



  • Ashley S

    Ashley S wrote:

    how did you make the puch board? thats a great idea!

  • Christina T

    Christina T wrote:

    Hi Ashley!!!! I took a foam poster board and cut out the openings with then placed a piece of tissue paper over the opening and places decorative duct tape over the tissue paper ( this is all done from the front of the board ) THEN tape a goodie bag over each hole ( from the back ) ALL DONE!!!!

  • no photo

    Traneshia H wrote:

    Hi, where did you find those plates that you have the gumballs in??

  • Christina T

    Christina T wrote:

    Hi! I found those at a yard sale!!!! Sorry! I have seen cute ceramic bowls and dishes at Home Goods! Hope that helps!

  • Kayla Sue W

    Kayla Sue W wrote:

    What is a punch box????