Party Recap

I had it all planne down and decorated, and then it started to rain, so we had to rush and bring the party inside. I had brought a party tent off of ebay for 74 dollars ( a good steal). i wanted to do the caps as party favors but they didn't turn out so well but the kids still loved them, and the adults loved the candy buffet, I didn't have my camera my little cousin took all the pictures so i don't have all of the pictures that i wanted


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    we had a candy buffet

  • Activities / Games

    i had lots og games planned but didn't do any of them, they just decorated there masks and capes, and played in the jumper or ran around

  • Budget

    i am not sure of the bidget because i spread the cost of stuff over a couple of months, so lets say maybe 500

  • Best Moment

    when it was over, it was the first party i hosted at my home

  • What People Ate

    chicken enchilades, hot dogs, spanish rice, refried beans, chips and dip fruit and veggie try

  • What People Drank

    we had, a Hot chocolate bar, with all of the things to add in, a Milk Bar with plain, strawberry, and chocolate milk, A berry lime aid drink, tea and water


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