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This past Friday on October 4th was my Son Austin's 9th Birthday. He had advised me that he wanted a Surprise Birthday Party this year. He did not want hints or any knowledge of what I had planned. It was difficult for me as a mom to keep the location and plans a secret because I tell him pretty much everything but as a designer and party stylist it was easy to keep it a secret. When he asked what I was working on I'd just tell him it was for a client. He never questioned if it was for him.

I chose Superman as his theme because that's what he is to me. He stayed strong as we rode out the May 20th Tornado in the bathtub at our home and has continued to stay strong throughout the aftermath of putting our lives back together. He is also a huge fan of Superman so it was destined to be the ideal party set up for him.

The party location was at a local place called The Dodgeball Dugout. This was a great place because the party room was big enough for all of Austin's family and friends who enjoy celebrating with him every year.

We had a special guest for Austin. It was quite comical actually. Since we are a comical family I knew I wanted a fun and goofy Superman. Who better to be our Superman than our very close friend Ralph. He didn't hesitate once when asked if he would dress up. So shortly after the party started Superman (aka Ralph) made an appearance and even enjoyed playing a little dodgeball.

All were impressed with the dessert table. The Superman Comic Strip Fabric for the table I purchased at Handcock Fabrics. The dessert table also included a Red Velvet Superman Fondant Cake made by Paisley and Plaid as well as Superman Cookies. I baked that morning Mini Whoopie Pies for Cake-Ups using Wilton's Mini Whoopie Pie Pan. I purchased this pan as well as the Push-Up Pop containers to make the Cake-ups from Micheals Craft Store. In addition to the Cake, Cookies and Cake-ups I baked and frosted Cupcakes. The Thank you Favors were Red Jumbo Gumballs, used to symbolize Dodgeballs, that were placed in a clear oblong box. The clear boxes I purchased from Pick Your Plum. The favors along with a Superman Cookie were sent home with the party guests.

Overall the party was a huge success and Austin enjoyed all the surprises!

Concept & Styling: Printable Parties to Go
Photography: Feather Snell
Printables: Printable Parties to Go
Cookies: Paisley and Plaid Bakery
Cake: Paisley and Plaid Bakery


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