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TwoTwo's (tutus) & Baby Dolls

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TwoTwo's & Baby Dolls

A Real-Party by Crystal Alves-Tusim of Wakawoo Events

Designing and Styling this party was seriously the most fun I've had by myself in a long My daughter is completely in love with Tutus & Baby Dolls at the age of 2. So it was pretty simple that her theme would be TwoTwo's (tutus) & Baby Dolls. That girlie side in me came out in a snap....oh, and I enjoyed every part of that side as long as I could!

My daughters 1st birthday (Pom Pom Winter ONEderland) was full of fun bright colours suitable for a boy or girl. This time I wanted to keep it real on the girl feel. Pinks, Purples, Whites with a touch of Yellow & Green, for the boys attending =)

My daughter has sensitive skin, so I knew I wanted some version of a soft tutu. So my mom whipped up a hand crocheted tutu in pink & white and the girls received tutus in purple & green. Older girls that attended received pink crocheted headbands and the boys knitted bowties, once again by my creative momma.

I designed all the paper goods you see in this album. Invitation, Signs, Party Hats, Colouring Placemats, Lullaby Lyrics, CD Jewel Cases, Banners, etc. I just wanted to see tons of girlie things floating around. Because of the crocheted tutus, I was able to incorporate yarn which is always lying around the house. Basically, I spent zero money on décor. Seriously! I used everything I already had in my party stash and added my printables for a little change.

It’s all about dress up today.
- I made mini tutus for the girls to dress their baby dolls.
- Bought headbands to decorate their chairs and to dress their dollies.
- The girls also received beaded necklaces and bracelets for themselves and their dolls.
- I designed placemats for the girls to colour and wrapped by votive holders in coordinating paper to use as a cup for their crayons.
- I put out all of Kahlen’s doll toys and even borrowed swings, toilets and teeter-totters from family for the girls to play.
- I had a station with a microphone, sheet music stand and lullaby lyrics & cd’s I designed for guests to record their own lullabies and go home with their recordings.

Kahlen’s birthday is fairly close to Christmas so I was able to use all dessert leftovers for this table…wohoo!! I wanted to see lots of pink here with the table being the focal point. Which is why I decided to go with a simple $2 backdrop of white streamers and a banner I designed. Everything on this table I already had in my house, including the Baby Alive Doll! I need to have a brighter pop of pink on the table, so I flipped over pink plastic stemware and used that as my cupcake stand. The kiddlets each had a Chinese box to fill up with goodies, to ensure I was left with nothing…haha!

After Christmas I’m usually on a serious budget…so going nutso on an incredibly designed cake just wasn’t an option for me. Therefore, I called my local grocery store bakery and asked them for a plain white round cake, with strawberry cream filling and a touch of pink spritz on the outside. I had some pearly chocolate candies in my baking goods, glued my designs onto skewers and voila….my $15 cake!! It was guuuuud!

Just basic finger foods here. Mini pizza bites, quiche, 7 layer dip, shrimp, chicken fingers, spanikopitas, etc.

The kiddlets went home with handmade crocheted tutus or bowties, jewelery, head bands, tutus for their dolls, their coloured placemat creations, their recorded lullabies on CD and a box full of sweet things. It was difficult kicking them out of the house with all this stuff I tell you…haha The parents went home with a little bag of sweet goodies too, can’t forget them of course!

I tell you, Kahlen was smiling ear-to-ear all day long, feeling like a princess in her beautiful silky soft tutu, twirling like a ballerina, dancing and singing literally till she went to bed saying “fun, fun, fun” while I tucked her in. Maybe it was the box full of sugar? It was truly the happiest day for her, which made my heart seriously flutter!

Design & Styling – Wakawoo Events & Printables
Party Printables – Wakawoo Events & Printables
Crocheted Tutus – Handmade Creations by Teresa
Knitted Headbands & Bowties – Handmade Creations by Teresa
Cake – Sobeys with décor by Wakawoo Events & Printables
Desserts & Sweets – Christmas leftovers…hehe
Plastic cutlery & utensils – Party City


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