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Truly Royal Fairy 'tails'

Elaine H By Elaine H  in Birthday


Party Recap

My two beloved Boston Terriers, Fiora and Fiorella, celebrated their birthday wearing a tutu. The party was all about fairy tales but with a little twist: from magical mirror, whimsical wands, tiaras and slippers to dog bowls, bones and treats. The guest book was a Frisbee that guests signed on it and the pen holder was a slipper. The cupcake stand was a stair that simbolize the memorable moment when cinderella lost her glass slipper before midnight. Besides, the pupcakes were hold on dog bowls. A treats Bar’k (bar) was displayed with paper cones like favors to the four-legged guests. And I could not miss the frog prince waiting become transformed by the princesses licking him. Finally, I found a printable of the hat that Princess Beatrice of York used at the british royal wedding. Awesome!!!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Their Highnesses, Fiora and Fiorella, wearing a tutu made by myself, mother queen.

  • Desserts

    Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for humans; peanut butter, honey and carrot pupcakes for dogs.

  • What People Ate

    Veggie Spanish rice, pineapple ham casserole, pickled green bananas "escabeche" (a Puerto Rican delicacy)

  • Funniest Moment

    My brother changed the traditional birthday song for the occasion... He sang "guau, guau, guau" (woof in Spanish) with the tune of that song!

  • Truly Royal Fairy 'tails' Birthday Paw-ty

    Once upon a time, two BTs that lived in a castle...



  • Rikka81

    Rikka81 wrote:

    My husband thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to throw our puppy a birthday party seeing this makes me want to do it even more..I love it !

  • Rikka81

    Rikka81 wrote:

    Did you make the decor yourself?

  • Elaine H

    Elaine H wrote:

    Yes I did all decor including the invitation, the birthday hats and the tutus. I consider my pets part of my family. If you really want it, go ahead and throw your party. Your puppy will enjoy it.

  • Erica M

    Erica M wrote:

    so cute