Party Recap

This party was a very special one for our family! We recently had our second baby and because of that we felt like our oldest (TJ) was being put aside to deal with our newest addition, so I really wanted to make this one big and special birthday for this sweet boy. He wanted the Paw Patrol theme, so that's what I went with. Most of the decorations are handmade by myself with bits and pieces bought from different places. The puppy party favors were definitely the biggest hit, all the kids loved getting to take home their own "pet" after they named their puppy and put his/her name tag on. Each detail of this party was specially made or planned out just for this party, so if you have any questions just shoot me an email and I'd be glad to give you detailed instructions or information so you can recreate it. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did. Happy party planning!!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Because we didn't want to cook we decided against lunch, so we did 2 pm and had snacks. Cuban sandwiches, Veggies tray, Publix salad, chicken wings, buffalo chicken dip + chips.

  • What People Drank

    Sweet tea, water, soda, cuprisuns.

  • Desserts

    Brownies, cake, cupcakes, puppy chow (confetti cake dip) with Frisbies (vanilla wafers), dog bones (gram crackers) and Sticks (pretzels), Jello bowls, treat mix.

  • Party Favors

    "adopt a puppy"

  • Activities / Games

    Corn hole, playing in yard



  • no photo

    Meg C wrote:

    I was wondering where you got your party favors, the stuffed dogs?

  • no photo

    Summer Lynn wrote:

    http://m.orientaltrading.com/plush-realistic-dogs-a2-6_1310.fltr?prodCatId=550218 this should take you to the website.

  • no photo

    Cris L wrote:

    Where did you purchase little pups?

  • no photo

    Rachel H wrote:

    I love your adopt the puppy favors! Did you purchase the hats and dog tags or make them yourself please? thanks!

  • Danielle H

    Danielle H wrote:

    how did you do the puppy fence. To cute

  • no photo

    Summer Lynn wrote:

    Hey Danielle I made the fence. With the largest packing box I could find, large poster paper and outdoor "grass" carpet from home Depot. I taped the box shut top and bottom then cut it down the center and taped them side-by-side. Cut the middle piece out so it was flat then hot glued the grass down. The fence I just free handed and cut the spaces out, then glued them to the sides after I painted grass on the sides. The back paper is taped to the wall as well.

  • no photo

    Steph A wrote:

    where did you buy the plush puppies?

  • no photo

    Summer Lynn wrote:


  • no photo

    Angie C wrote:

    Any response on the above questions?