Party Recap

When birthday girl ‘Laura’ decided she wanted to theme her 21st Birthday Party with her favourite movies from director ‘Tim Burton’, we wanted to capture some of his most famous and well known movies. We set up an Alice in Wonderland ‘Mad Hatter’s’ table, so the birthday girl ‘Queen of Hearts’ could host her tea party. She loved the colour red so we incorporated this into the table design. Tall charcoal candelabra stems were the feature of the table with red rose balls. We added some quirky teapots and tea cups, a Mad Hatters Hat, a white rabbit and included some bright coloured butterflies and mushrooms to add to the Alice In Wonderland Theme. We personalised a pretty pink frame with the letter ‘L’ for the birthday girl to finish off the table. In front of the table we themed the grass area with muchroom toadstool, flowers and a 4 of hearts card man. Red rose balls lined the hedge to add to the ‘painting the roses red’ theme. ‘This way, that way, yonder and tea party’ signs were the centerpiece of the outdoor marquee, with a teapot clock to top it off!
Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory was our second movie inspiration for the Tim Burton themed party. We used our candy table and backdrop, and dressed it in red and white striped fabric, which set the tone for the lolly buffet. Wonka lollies and chocolate were the focus for the lolly buffet, combined with a faux giant Wonka Bar, giant lollipops and lollies, a candy topiary tree, and we finished the table with a framed ‘Golden Ticket’ which was the invitation for the party, and some bottles of ‘Fizzy Lifting Drink’.

The final movie inspiration was The Nightmare Before Christmas, which shows one of Tim Burton’s more quirky sides. Black and white décor surrounded the cake area, with Jack Skellington cupcakes and Marshmallows with ‘Laura’s 21st’ toppers. The birthday girls cake was Tim Burton themed, and combined black and white stripes, with red roses and feathers, and a Mad Hatter’s hat.

Giant lollipops lined the garden edge to continue the theme throughout the backyard, and posters of all of Tim Burton’s movies lined the walls of the house. Guests dressed fancy dress to impress, but overall the Queen of Hearts ruled the party!
All decorations, styling, cakes and cupcakes by Tickled Pink Celebrations.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    The Birthday girl sitting at her Mad Hatters table having a cup of tea!

  • Best Dressed

    The Queen of Hearts!

  • What People Ate

    Lollies from the lolly buffet, birthday cake and cupcakes, and dinner was also served

  • What People Drank

    Fizzy lifting drink, soft drinks and alcohol

  • Desserts

    Jack Skellington cupcakes, the birthday cake and the lolly buffet


Party Helpers


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