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Party Recap

It’s time to throw out a whole lotta llama love around, as these woolly creatures have captured our hearts! So, let’s start at the very beginning – a Llama Party. We had the perfect opportunity, with Cath’s little Hannah Banana turning 3. She loved the idea of a llama party, so, naturally, we set to work!
It was the perfect theme for her. Cute, an opportunity for some pink, and certainly a little bit sassy… just like Cath’s little Hanny!
We decided to add the cactus and the ‘Mexican’ / South American theme because llamas generally DO come from South America, although they have taken up residence all over the world these days. But their natural habitats are the grass and cactus-covered plains of Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. We started with the Llama-themed, editable invitation in pink and teal, with this cute, nose-in-the-air llama and bright pink diagonal stripe backing detail.
When it came to the cake, we created TWO llama cake topper looks for fun and for different flavors as we could decide. One with of llama ears and hat topper and lots of piping work AND THEN a llama face and neck topper… it was too hard to decide between the two so we did both!
Editable food and drink labels just MAKE a party! We had to whip up a batch of homemade lemonade – because Llama Lemonade has such a nice ring to it!
And we used food labels to bring your party theme to life! Toasted coconut marshmallows become Llama Wool, of course!
As for the cake, we created TWO llama cake topper looks for you to choose from, both included in the download. You get your choice of llama ears and hat topper (as above) OR llama face and neck topper (see below.) So hard to decide between the two!
In between eating llama-licious cake and treats, the girls LOVED coloring in their llama activity coloring page!
As a fun activity, we also created a Llama hobby horse and the kids just LOVED it, and they spend HOURS playing with them! We decided to make two, one is a little more work than the other, and both are delightful! The card cutout was included in the llama party set that we printed out from While the crafted llama hobby horse comes as an awesome separate pattern, template and step-by-step ‘how to‘.
And a party without party favor? No, that would be a prob-llama! We love NOT including additional sweets and sugar in our party favors, so we gave away these super cute cactus favors, with editable tags.
With Hannah growing up so fast we created a party poster – especially a stats poster! ( All about the party girl, it’s so special.
Another party favor idea, or maybe a fab (and on trend) idea for teacher’s gifts, or back-to-school treats! Llama cookies in a jar! You get all the ingredients together, layer them in a glass jar, add these awesome labels, and pop a recipe label sticker on the top. This Llama cookies in a jar is a separate product, and not part of the party set.

Oh yes – I almost forgot! We made a Mexican tablecloth tutorial ( , with downloadable pattern and step-by-step guide to making this cute tablecloth yourself. The best bit, it’s a no-sew, so get your felt and your glue gun out and have some fun!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    A variety of savory snacks as well as some sweet treats like toasted coconut marshmallows become Llama Wool, of course!

  • What People Drank

    Llama Lemonade

  • Desserts

    Lemon sponge Llama Birthday Cake

  • Party Favors

    We gave away these super cute cactus favors in crafted tins, with editable tags from

  • Activities / Games

    Llama Coloring-in Pages


Party Helpers

  • Sunshine Parties

    Party Printable Designers

    We got our printables from and then had all the files printed at a local print shop.


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