Party Recap

The whole idea of this construction party planned for the sweetest three year old, was for the guests to have absolute fun around the theme! A pretend play party was organised with a real Bob Cat truck for kids to explore, toy ride-on builder vehicles to ride on, a play house to paint for kids, a brick wall with jackets and hats provided for invitees , a sand pit with construction related toys to dig in and a hard hat area with scaffoldings set up with plastic tools. The party food table had a design incorporating a ladder with the top shelf or level for sweets on a make-believe lawn and the bottom shelf for savouries on a level made to signify a tarred road.Construction related signs were displayed and food were laid out on various builder items like hard hats, dump trucks, tool boxes etc. The party dining tables had runners like roads with plastic toy builder vehicles laid on it to play with.We understood that three year olds are slightly too small for most party games but big enough to have so much fun.Hence, the pretend play aspect that was incorporated.


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    Pretend play sand pit to dig in, hard hat area with scaffoldings and tools, real Bob cat construction vehicle, toy ride -on construction trucks, play house to paint for kids all with costumes and accessories !


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