Party Recap

A long time ago in a living room far far away… we threw my son the coolest Star Wars birthday party on the planet. Tbh, it actually wasn’t that long ago and it wasn’t far away, but it WAS really awesome! With The Last Jedi coming out in less than a month, our son was soo excited to have a Star Wars themed birthday party. I’m also a longtime fan myself, so I was right there with him. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, and I found a lot of fun Star Wars DIY party ideas I couldn’t wait to try out!
My husband bought the Star Wars soundtrack on his phone, so we had the main theme playing as everyone arrived. We told all the kids to bring their appetites, and we had pizza and soda waiting for them at the table. It looked totally ~ out of this world ~ set with Star Wars themed disposable plates, napkins, and cups we got from Michaels.com. I even threw in a couple extra features like a sign near our cutlery that said “May the forks be with you” and a sweet Star Wars party banner.
When the young padawans were well-fed, it was time to make them Jedi masters. We cleared the table pretty quick (TG for disposable tableware) and we set up a DIY lightsaber station. It was a blast! All it took was a little duck tape around one end of each glow stick, and some creativity with a sharpie, and each kid had their own glow in the dark lightsaber. We let them turn the lights out and everyone was swinging around their glow sticks making lightsaber noises. Parents – this is something I totally recommend.
We followed up the lightsabers with a Star Wars party game called “Don’t drop the Stormtrooper.” Playing the Imperial March was the perfect touch. We drew Stormtrooper faces on a dozen eggs and the kids had to march across our back yard carrying their egg in a spoon without dropping them. Surprisingly, some of them were able to do it with Star Wars masks on!
All the action gave the kids a real hankering for some cake… I actually thought I heard Chewbacca but it was just someone’s tummy. To put a little Star Wars spin on serving cake, we had “Kylo Ren” bring it out. The kids really got a kick out of it – some were even ready to battle.
Post-sugar rush we gathered everyone around a Death Star shaped pull pinata (perfect for a party indoors bc there’s no swinging) and everyone got to destroy it like true Jedis. The Star Wars goodie bags we had were perfect for holding all the candy and party favors that came falling out.


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