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Thanksgiving Afterparty

Stephanie W By Stephanie W  in Thanksgiving/Fall


Party Recap

A thanksgiving dessert afterparty is a great way to do a simplified version of Friendsgiving. You can plan this for the night of Thanksgiving or even the day after.

To make it easier, take the beautiful Thanksgiving table that you already decorated and re-purpose it as a dessert table. I often find that when you spend time decorating a beautiful table with a magnificent centerpiece, there is not enough room for the actual food.

This table decor helps solve that problem! The main element here is a lifted center using books or crates and a wood planks. This will allow you to have a decorative bottom layer but still have a designated space for food (on top).

Also, get creative with what you decorate with on the bottom layer! Here we have pampas, white pumpkins, and lots of wood elements. But you could really fill it in with anything (fruit, leaves, branches, pine, garland, the list goes on)!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    All things dessert - pies, cookies, baklava, and cupcakes.


Party Helpers

  • Maple Place Bakery



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