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Tessa's 4th birthday party

Simone N By Simone N  in Birthday


Party Recap

My darling daughter Tessa is colourful, bright and cheery and so it was only fitting we threw her a rainbow party for her 4th birthday.
True to our theme, the heavens opened and a downpour the morning of our afternoon soiree ensured it became an indoor affair rather than the planned outdoor occasion – eeek!

A last minute scramble inside with lots of shuffled chairs, rearranged tables and goodies now safely under cover saw us miraculously get everything in place in time for our 2 o’clock afternoon tea. You can only imagine the anxiety!
I love that rainbow parties are in vogue at the moment and wanted to explore the gorgeousness of rainbows and their vibrant colours.
White was chosen as the base colour as I was mindful of the potential for an explosion of too much colour. I subscribe to the K.I.S.S. technique (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) and worked hard to make sure we struck a nice balance.


Party Helpers



  • Mis Pequeñas C

    Mis Pequeñas C wrote:

    Simone, I love your party! I was participant of Sweet Table Contest from Argentina and I loved your party when I saw! Congratulations!!

  • no photo

    Renee A wrote:

    Well done on a great party!!! Did you do the printables yourself or did you buy them??? I am planning a rainbow party for my daughter and your party is such an inspiration...

  • Simone N

    Simone N wrote:

    Hi Renee, Thanks so much for your kind feedback! I had a blast putting it together and yes, I actually did the printables myself (I'm a graphic designer by trade). You can buy them from our online store. Rainbow parties are so fabulous and I know you'll have a blast putting it all together. x

  • Cassandra H

    Cassandra H wrote:

    You're party is gorgeous! I love the favor bags. Did you make them? Where can I get them? Thanks!

  • Simone N

    Simone N wrote:

    Hi Cassandra H, we actually sell these in our online store as part of our printables range. Here's the link: simone x

  • Cassandra H

    Cassandra H wrote:

    I saw the white bags. They are out of stock. Do you know when they will be back in and what is the topper or closure? I love it!

  • Chris B

    Chris B wrote:

    Are these DIY?

  • Simone N

    Simone N wrote:

    Not DIY, we sell these in our online store: